Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (2023)

Performers acted out pictograms of basketball and other Olympic sports during the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images hide caption

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (2)

Performers acted out pictograms of basketball and other Olympic sports during the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Pictogram people become unlikely MVPs

One of the most striking sequences in the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony revolved around pictograms. Tokyo organizers have been touting their "kinetic pictograms," which show figures bursting into motion across dozens of disciplines. For Friday's ceremony, they brought all 50 of those pictograms to life.

Dressed in the stark hues of white and dark blue, their heads encased in large spheres, pictogram performers jumped on blocks and posed with props to act out the iconography as upbeat techno-pop blared in the background.

The Picture Show

Photos: Highlights Of The Tokyo Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

The performers are a collection of mime artists and actors who normally work either solo or in a duo, Tokyo organizers said.

"Are they the real MVPs of the Opening Ceremony?" the Tokyo Olympics Twitter feed asked.

The last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics was in 1964. That was also the year organizers debuted the Olympic pictograms.

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Pita from Tonga continues his Olympic tradition

Tonga's flag bearers Pita Taufatofua (left) and Malia Paseka lead their delegation into the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (5)

Tonga's flag bearers Pita Taufatofua (left) and Malia Paseka lead their delegation into the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

A highly anticipated standout moment came midway through the opening ceremony, when Tonga's Pita Taufatofua once again vied to steal the show by marching into the stadium bare-chested (and well-oiled).

It's the third consecutive Olympic appearance for Taufatofua: He competed in taekwondo in Rio's Summer Games and took on cross-country skiing for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Along with Taufatofua, big-name athletes who led their delegations include Japanese NBA star Rui Hachimura and Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

"Imagine" plays in a near-empty stadium

It's a tradition for Olympic opening ceremonies to culminate with a new rendition of "Imagine," the call for unity written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The Tokyo version nourished those international roots, with artists from different continents — Angélique Kidjo, John Legend and Alejandro Sanz trading verses.

The song began quietly, with the Suginami Children's Choir singing its first lines. From there, it built into a global collaboration as stars joined in remotely. The choir, whose members range from 3 years old to university students, was formed in 1964 — the same year Tokyo last hosted the Olympics.

Naomi Osaka lights the cauldron

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (6)

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Tennis star Naomi Osaka carries the Olympic torch to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Bai Yu/VCG via Getty Images hide caption

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Bai Yu/VCG via Getty Images

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (7)

When the 2020 Olympic flame at last illuminated an enormous cauldron in Tokyo's Olympic Stadium, it was lit by Naomi Osaka, Japan's 23-year-old tennis superstar.

There was speculation that Osaka would have a role in the ceremony after organizers pushed her opening tennis match from Saturday to Sunday, without an immediate reason given. With the opening ceremony taking place on Friday night in Tokyo, Osaka would have had little rest before a Saturday morning match.

Live Updates: The Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics: 10 Storylines That Make These Summer Games Unique

The Olympics will be Osaka's first competition since she dropped out of the French Open in May, after being penalized for refusing to attend post-match news conferences. She said she has suffered long bouts of depression and experiences intense anxiety when speaking with the press.

The Olympic cauldron Osaka lit is powered by hydrogen. Sitting atop a structure that recalls Japan's famed Mount Fuji, the cauldron was revealed after a huge white orb slowly opened itself, like a flower.

An athlete, alone, runs on a treadmill

The ceremony began with an artistic display reflecting on the isolation witnessed globally over the past year. Performers were seen on treadmills and rowing machines, highlighting how athletes had been confined to working out by themselves.

But at the same time, it highlighted how sports can serve as a mechanism to unite and bring people together in times of trouble.

Live Updates: The Tokyo Olympics

Somber Tone Lingers At Tokyo Games Opening Ceremony, Though Athletes Add Lift

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A moment of silence was also observed to remember the lives lost during the pandemic.

"Yes, it is very different from what all of us had imagined," International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said. "But let us cherish this moment because finally we are all here together."

Joint flag bearers (mostly) share their country's flag

Uruguay flag bearers Deborah Rodriguez and Bruno Cetraro Berriolo lead their team out during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium. Jamie Squire/Getty Images hide caption

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (11)

Uruguay flag bearers Deborah Rodriguez and Bruno Cetraro Berriolo lead their team out during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is the first Olympics where male and female athletes could share honors as joint flag bearers. That left pairs of athletes to figure out the best way to share their country's sole flag.

There were mixed results: Some did so very politely, while others seemed to compete to see who could wave the banner more vigorously. Some pairs took turns holding the flag, while others maintained joint control.

Vigorous flag-waving — and seeming moments of uncertainty — by Uruguay's Deborah Rodriguez and Bruno Cetraro Berriolo quickly set off discussions, as people wondered whether the pair might be struggling either for control or to make sure their flag was upright.

Team USA enters Olympic Stadium

Flag bearers Sue Bird and Eddy Alvarez led Team USA into Olympic Stadium toward the end of the parade of nations — a spot designated not by the Japanese alphabet but by the U.S. hosting the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Alvarez won a silver medal in speed skating at the 2014 Winter Games and is on the U.S. baseball team in Tokyo. Sue Bird is a perennial star in women's basketball who is now at her fifth Olympics.

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Alvarez is a Cuban-American who hopes to become just the sixth athlete ever to medal in both the Winter and Summer Games.

A drone world floats above Olympic Stadium

Exactly 1,824 drones were used to form the massive orb over Tokyo's Olympic Stadium during Friday's opening ceremony. Toru Hanai/Getty Images hide caption

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Toru Hanai/Getty Images

Can't-Miss Moments From The Olympics Opening Ceremony (13)

Exactly 1,824 drones were used to form the massive orb over Tokyo's Olympic Stadium during Friday's opening ceremony.

Toru Hanai/Getty Images

A glittering spectacle took center stage during the opening ceremony: nearly 2,000 drones moving in perfect concert to form a revolving globe as they soared over Tokyo.

Exactly 1,824 drones were used to form the massive orb, floating above the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

Remembering those we have lost

A moment of silence was held around 20 minutes into Friday's opening ceremony, as Olympic organizers encouraged people around the world to take a private moment to remember loved ones they've lost.

The sparse crowd of attendees in the stadium stood for the observance.

Similar moments have been held at previous Olympics — but this year's is particularly poignant, as the world mourns millions of people who have died during the pandemic.

The moment of silence also recognized the 1972 deaths of Israeli Olympic athletes who were killed by terrorists at the Munich Games. It was the first time the Olympics has noted that massacre during an opening ceremony.

The ceremony later featured a striking kabuki performance, which brought a serious tone to the jubilation on the field at Olympic Stadium. That juxtaposition promises to be a recurrent theme at an Olympics held in a city under a state of emergency because of COVID-19.

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"This invigorating performance where tradition meets modernity contains our wish to cleanse the stadium of negative energy," the organizes said, "while offering up a prayer that all disasters and misfortunes in the world will come to an end."


Will the Olympic opening ceremony be replayed? ›

The ceremony will be carried live on NBC in the United States, with coverage beginning at 6:30 a.m. Eastern. NBC will rebroadcast the ceremony from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern on Friday, with a focus on American athletes. Peacock, NBC's streaming service, will also carry the event live.

Why is the Olympic opening ceremony so important? ›

Apart from other sporting events, the opening and closing ceremonies of the ancient Olympic Games were an integral part of these Games, representing the official start and end of an Olympic Games. It can be seen as a feast for the athletes who come from all over the world.

How do you describe an opening ceremony? ›

An opening ceremony, grand opening, or ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the official opening of a newly-constructed location or the start of an event. Opening ceremonies at large events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, and the Rugby World Cup might involve thousands of participants and be watched worldwide.

How can I rewatch the Olympics opening ceremony 2022? ›

In order to provide viewers with the opportunity to share this historic experience with people from around the world as it happens, the 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will also be broadcast live across all time zones starting at 6:30 a.m. ET/3:30 a.m. PT on NBC and Peacock.

Do Olympic venues get reused? ›

IOC research shows that 85 per cent of all permanent venues used at the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to PyeongChang 2018 – and 92 per cent of permanent venues used in the 21st century – remain in use, long after the various Games editions finished, bringing social and economic benefits to local communities.

Can you participate in the Olympics twice? ›

So its fairly common to compete in more than one Olympics, although overall only about 30% of Olympians get to a second Games. You'll note, however, that Winter Olympians do it more frequently than summer Olympians – 34.1% to 25.7%. And women seem to come back to a second Olympics slightly more often than do men.

What is the purpose of launching ceremony? ›

A launching ceremony is the formal custom that celebrates a boat being transferred from land to water for the first time. It is an important naval tradition that's both a public celebration and a way of blessing the ship (and its crew) in an attempt to bring it good fortune on its voyages.

What is opening ceremony known for? ›

Opening Ceremony is a fashion brand founded in 2002 by fashion designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The brand designs and creates its own products and also retails other emerging fashion labels. Opening Ceremony is known for exotic runway shows and advocating global issues.

How many people watched the Olympics opening ceremony? ›

Across all platforms, 17 million people watched the ceremony.

What do you say at your grand opening? ›


Welcome to ________! Today we celebrate the grand opening of our _______ business. We are so thankful to so many of you, who have been with us every step of the way, so that this day would finally come. My name is __________, and I am the owner of ___________.

What do you say on grand opening day? ›

Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Grand Opening! May your business prosper in the years to come! Sending you our sincere/warmest congratulations on your Grand Opening! Wishing you all the best!

What words describe ceremony? ›

  • ritual.
  • ceremonial.
  • rite.
  • observance.
  • celebration.
  • tradition.
  • formality.
  • solemnity.

Where can I rewatch the Olympics? ›

Catch the 2022 Winter Olympic Games live on the networks of NBCUniversal. Or, record your favorite events to your Unlimited DVR* to watch at your own convenience.

What is the best way to watch the Olympics 2022? ›

Best for Watching Live Olympic Events

Hulu + Live TV's lineup includes all the channels you need to watch the Olympics, including CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. Other sports channels in Hulu's lineup are BTN, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, and FS1.

Do Olympians pay for travel? ›

Spending around a month in the Olympic village can be costly for Olympic athletes. However, the Olympic Committee tends to pay for most of the expenses, such as food, accommodation and transportation. Most teams have corporate or private sponsors who pay for the Olympians' costs.

Do Olympic athletes stay after their event? ›

Some athletes leave right after their competitions are over. This is often the case with athletes whose competitions take place in the first week of the Olympics and/or if there are other tournaments after the Olympics. Those who stay until the end and attend the closing ceremony, usually leave the day after that.

What do they do with old Olympic villages? ›

In some cities, these abandoned Olympic sites are repurposed into state-of-the-art sporting facilities. In other cities, they are simply left to the elements after a handful of uses. Below are 20 old Olympic venues that once held the world's attention. They have heartbreakingly turned into abandoned Olympic venues.

What is the oldest Olympian? ›

Here are the oldest ever competitors at the Summer Olympic Games for each sport. This list is from all Olympic years, including the 202 Tokyo Olympic Games. The oldest ever Olympian is Oscar Swahn of Sweden. He was 72 years, 281 days old when he competed at the 1920 Olympics in shooting.

Has there ever been a 2 sport Olympian? ›

The Russian athlete Nikolai Panin is unique in having competed in both a summer sport (shooting in 1912) and a winter sport (figure skating in 1908) but only competing at the Summer Olympics. Among these athletes, the most-occurring combination is bobsledding and athletics, followed by cycling and speed skating.

What is the maximum age to be in the Olympics? ›

What is the age limit for taking part in the Olympic Games? There is no specific age limit for taking part in the Olympic Games.

What is the opening ceremony called? ›

An inauguration is a ceremony that formally marks the start of something.

Why do we cut ribbon at ceremony? ›

Ribbon cuttings are ceremonies used by many around the world to inaugurate the opening of a brand new or newly renovated building or business. They are most often used for the following: As a powerful tool for publicity and the media. To commemorate a “new beginning” for the business in question.

How do you prepare for an opening ceremony? ›

  1. 8 Steps to a Successful Grand Opening.
  2. Step 1 Date Selection. - Allow plenty of preparation time. ...
  3. Step 2 Choosing a Time. - Determine the type of special event you will conduct. ...
  4. Step 3 Invitation List. ...
  5. Step 4 Food & Beverage. ...
  6. Step 5 Program Planning. ...
  7. Step 6 Media Coverage. ...
  8. Step 7 Photos.

How cold were the opening ceremonies? ›

It was cold — around 25 degrees — so everyone was fairly bundled up for the occasion. This meant coats, so many coats: Black coats, white coats, red coats, light coats, many of the athletes indistinguishable from the ones who followed them.

Do all athletes attend the opening ceremony? ›

It is not compulsory for athletes to participate in the opening ceremony. Because some of the first events of the Games may start on the day before, on the day, or the day after the ceremony, athletes competing in these early events may elect not to participate.

How do they decide the order of opening ceremony? ›

So for the Parade of Nations order in this Olympics, nations will enter based on stroke order, which is the number of strokes in the first character of the nation's name in Mandarin, and the order by which the strokes are made, Bloomberg reports.

What is the most watched event in the Olympics? ›

Olympic gymnastics involves three disciplines – Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline. It has been the most-watched Olympic sport since 1996.

Is Olympic viewership down? ›

The 2022 Winter Olympics averaged 11.4 million viewers across NBC's networks in prime time, a 42% decrease from the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It's the second consecutive set of Games to hit a record low.

What country has the most viewers of the Olympics? ›

Mega-Fans: Americans watch three times more Olympics content than any other country. Of the top five countries with the most passionate Olympics fans, the US takes the top spot.

How do you write a grand opening message? ›

Please join me on ________ to celebrate the grand opening of my new startup. I've booked us a private dinner at _________ to toast the future! We're thrilled to invite you to the grand opening of __________. This has been an amazing process and we can't wait to share the next step of the journey with you.

How do you congratulate someone opening? ›

How to Congratulate a Friend on a New Business Venture
  1. Congratulations on your new business venture! May your business grow and bring you prosperity. ...
  2. Sending you my heartiest congratulations on your new business! ...
  3. I'm so proud of you for starting something that most would only dare to dream of!
11 Oct 2021

How do you attract people to a grand opening? ›

  1. Get your “story” straight. ...
  2. Start building your social media campaign in advance. ...
  3. Alert the press. ...
  4. Partner with your local Chamber of Commerce and hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony. ...
  5. Don't forget paid advertising. ...
  6. Consider holding a VIP night or soft opening. ...
  7. Offer discounts, giveaways, or sales for your grand opening.

How do you announce a soft opening? ›

Announcing a soft opening for your restaurant is not like advertising a new product.
Include the following on your soft launch invitations:
  1. Date and time.
  2. Location.
  3. Pricing (free, specific menu pricing, or flat-rate)
  4. Dress code.
  5. RSVP method.
  6. Features like live music or freebies.

How do you use grand opening in a sentence? ›

Examples from Collins dictionaries

The yacht club will be ready for a grand opening on New Year's Eve. And, following hot on its heels, will be the grand opening of the controversial and long-awaited Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, in Hyde Park.

How do you promote a soft opening? ›

You can also invite local business owners to your soft opening. This spreads some goodwill in your community and lets you network. This could lay the groundwork for future partnerships with other businesses as you grow. You might even invite members of the media or influencers for a sneak peek.

How would you describe a good event? ›

Joyous: This word is used to describe an occasion that is filled with happiness. It is often used in formal styles of writing or when creating an old-fashioned festive scene. 12. Joyful: This word is related to joyous in that they share the same root word, joy.

What is the best way to describe an event? ›

Tips for writing a great event description
  • Write a short, snappy event title. ...
  • Put the tastiest bits upfront in the summary. ...
  • Give us information, not opinion or rhetoric. ...
  • If your initiative has a suite of different activities and events, give examples. ...
  • Tell us who your experts and speakers are. ...
  • Include an captivating picture.

What are 5 describing words? ›

These are some other descriptive words you might find fun:
  • Beautiful.
  • Ugly.
  • Smart.
  • Clever.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Friendly.
  • Happy.
  • Sad.
20 Dec 2021

Where can I watch Olympic replays Reddit 2022? ›

Full event replays are available on the official olympics website for free with choice of English commentary.

Can you DVR the Olympics? ›

Record Olympic Events with Cloud DVR

Here's how: Find what you want to watch using the Live Guide. Click record from the Guide, or navigate to the details page and find the record icon. That's it, you're recording!

Where will the next 5 Olympics be held? ›

In Paris, France, from 26 July to 11 August 2024. In Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo, in Italy, in 2026. In Los Angeles, USA, from 14 to 30 July 2028. In Brisbane, Australia, in 2032.

Where is the 2024 Olympics going to be? ›

2024 Summer Olympics

Do you have to pay to watch the Olympics in person? ›

How much does it cost to go to the Olympics as a spectator? Attending the Olympic Games are very expensive. If you plan to attend high end events like Swimming or Track & Field anticipate $200–$500 per ticket depending on if it is qualifying rounds or finals.

What country is ISV? ›

IOC Country Codes
Country codes of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
ISVU.S. Virgin Islands
IVBBritish Virgin Islands
197 more rows

Where are the 2028 Games? ›

The 2028 Summer Olympics (officially the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad, also known as Los Angeles 2028 or LA28) is an upcoming international multi-sport event scheduled to take place from July 14 to July 30, 2028, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Will the Olympics still be in 2024? ›

All four sports were approved during the 134th IOC Session in Lausanne, Switzerland on 24 June 2019. The 2024 Summer Olympic program is scheduled to feature 32 sports encompassing 329 events, the first Summer Olympics since 1960 to have fewer events than the preceding edition.

How do people celebrate the Olympic Day? ›

The Olympic Day Run can be considered as the core activity of Olympic Day. First launched in 1987, it has been organised by NOCs to celebrate Olympic Day and promote the practice of mass sport.

Where can I rewatch the Olympics Opening Ceremony? ›

The Opening Ceremony will be available for live-streaming on the NBC Sports app, and Peacock.

How do you rewatch the Olympic closing ceremony? ›

How to watch the Closing Ceremony on NBC and Peacock
  1. Closing Ceremony (LIVE) – 7:00 a.m. on Peacock,
  2. NBC Daytime Show – 2:00 p.m. NBC, Peacock,
  3. Olympic Gold – 7:00 p.m. NBC, Peacock,
  4. Closing Ceremony (NBC) – 8:00 p.m.
20 Feb 2022

Can I watch the Opening Ceremony on Hulu? ›

Hulu Live TV will let you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on NBC. They offer NBC along with other local networks and other channels found on cable TV.

How many Olympic records were broken in Tokyo? ›

In 13 instances, the Olympic records (OR) in various individual track and field events were broken at the Tokyo Olympics.

What happened at the end of the Olympics opening ceremony? ›

The climax of an opening ceremony is the arrival of the Olympic flame, as the conclusion of the torch relay: the torch is typically passed a group of final torchbearers—typically reflecting the host nation's most prominent Olympic athletes.

What happens to former Olympic venues? ›

Some Olympic villages have been converted to university housing developments, private residences, and shopping plazas. Others, however, have fallen into disarray, forever frozen in time. Below, browse through some of the most hauntingly beautiful photos of abandoned Olympic venues from decades past.

What happens to the Olympic flame after the closing ceremonies? ›

And however the flame arrives at its final destination—relit once, several times, or miraculously intact—it remains burning until the Olympic closing ceremony. Then it's formally extinguished to mark the end of that season's Games.

Can I record the Olympics on Hulu? ›

Watch Events Whenever

Record the events you want to watch with Unlimited DVR storage at no additional cost. Just add your favorite Olympic sports to My Stuff and events will be recorded when they air live. Unlimited DVR recording is not available for on-demand shows.

Is open season on Netflix or Hulu? ›

Watch Open Season 3 Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)


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